About Us

Akhil Bhartiya Open Shikshan Sansthan was Establised by Government of Delhi registered the organisation for the distance education on the pattern on Open University System. The Shikshan Sansthan registered under S.R. Act of XXI 1860 of Govt. Of Delhi Vide File No. S/37046. The Shikshan Sansthan ia an AUTONOMOUS BODY and enjoys statutory status under Indian Constitution for the right of Education/Training and its administration. It has been legally authorised to impart education , training , conduct examinations, issue mark-sheet and certificate.

Why Choose Us

Aims And Objects The main Aims and objects of the Organization,for which the same is established are as under. To provide sound education to children of all communities irrespective of their race. To prepare them to become mature and responsibal citizen of the country through all-round physical,intellectual,academic,oral and spritual development based on valued derived from the life. To do best efforts for the promotion of medical education and by running various schools, colleges and other medical research centres. To help the students/members to develop their talents and abilities to undertake challenging responsibilities in their own life. To receive subscription/donations and grant for accomplishing the academic and professional goal for standardising the working of the institutes run by the Organization. FOR CAREER, JOB AND ADMISSION IN THE, DIFFERENT, PROFESSIONAL AND PARAMEDICAL COURSES. JOIN Akhil Bhartiya Open Shikshan Sansthan

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